Upmc Concert Quality Based Payments

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Upmc Concert Quality Based Payments

Upmc Concert Quality Based Payments

The Pennsylvania Clinical Network gives practitioners both the autonomy of private practice and the exposure to a large statewide clinically integrated network where ease of access to healthcare information. It allows practitioners to assess patients at the tip of their fingertips, facilitate referrals with much ease, as well as enjoy a higher value-based income and shared savings. Having been created by independent Pennsylvania physicians, the PA Clinical Network has filled the gap in information availability that many doctors used to clamor for.

Is UPMC Integrated Into This Network?

Yes, the platform integrates without difficulty with any electronic medical record. Thus, when your medical practice is primarily in the Pittsburgh area, and the majority of your patients visit UPMC, you can readily access the system. In the dashboard, you will have an overview of the aggregated costs, and it will also help you qualify for value-based payments. Also, UPMC concert quality-based payments are made available for your perusal.

Since most patients make use of health insurance to cover medical costs, UPMC-accepted insurances such as Geisinger Health Plan, Highmark, Cigna HealthCare, Aetna/Health America, UPMC Health Plan, and United HealthCare are also integrated with the system.

Does the System Show Income/Revenue?

The system is very transparent when it comes to earnings of physicians. Every registered participant can access data on patient’s cost of care both from within your office and beyond. This means that any previous costs incurred by the patient will be viewable by the physician. Aside from the costs, there is complete clarity when it comes to shared savings. Details on the calculations of payments are shown, giving practitioners an overview of their actual earned income.

What makes the system more invaluable is that updates to data are made real-time. Being a part of a large network, changes in patient data made by one practitioner from a different location can be seen by other members of the network. Resources and other pertinent information utilized by the system likewise work in the same manner. With this in place, relevant decisions are quickly made.

The Pennsylvania Clinical Network may be the most advanced integrated network that was made by physicians for the benefit of other physicians. It answered the issue of transparency in terms of physician’s income and at the same time, eradicated issues on overcharging as it enables practitioners to see the cost of care of every patient.

The quick availability of patient information also makes it both doctor and patient-friendly as no time is wasted when it comes to assessing patients. A quick look on the dashboard will give practitioners all the necessary information that they need to give patients the proper medical assessment. With the system’s easy integration with EMR’s, physicians are able to view a patient’s record, regardless of the medical facility where the latter was confined or had sought medical attention. On the overall, being a part of the PA Clinical Network is worth the time, energy, and investment. The benefits that physicians derive are too obvious to be ignored.

Upmc Concert Quality Based Payments
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Upmc Concert Quality Based Payments
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