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As you know, all of us at MPower Fitness have become more like a family than a fitness boot camp. Every once in a while, there are people who transform their lives and love being hereso much, that they decide to join our professional staff. Every story is different, but today, I’d like to share Rachel’s story with you.

Rachel came to FBBC during the darkest time in her life. She hadjust lost her husband after a lengthy, devastating illness, and was suddenly raising her two young children all on her own. She was devoting all of her time to taking care of everyone else and that process had taken its toll. 

She says, “Emotionally I was a train wreck. Physically, I was heavier than when I delivered either of my children. I was fat and tired. Mentally, I was drained.”

If that wasn’t enough, their family home tragically burned to the ground less than one year after her husband passed! Most people would have given up, but her two kids inspired her to not only keep going, but to push herself to make the changes she needed to in her life

Rachel says, “They have endured so much in their lifetimes. I’m all they’ve got. They need me. We need each other.”

Having to endure so much made Rachael realize that to be the best parent possible, she had to make herself a priority for the first time in her adult life. She didn’t have control of so many things at this difficult time, but she took control over what she could… herself!

She says, “Since MPower Fitness every bit of my life has changed. I eat clean. I am 100% into health and nutrition. I have a complete and total passion for fitness and helping others achieve the things that I know they can. I have been there myself and what it took was having someone else believe in me and show me some support along the way.”

Even though Rachael came here with the initial goal of weight loss, resulting in “35-40 lbs. of weight, and countless inches lost” (which she has maintained for more than 2 years), she decided to take it one step further and help others in their quest for health and fitness. That’s right, Rachel became the Director of Client Services here at MPower Fitness!

She says, “My overall experience with FBBC has truly been LIFE CHANGING! My life has done a complete 180 and I want everyone who walks in the doors to feel the same way and have the same amazing experience.”
Rachael likes to joke with me that she got a job here because I knew I needed to give her something to do since she clearly wasn’t even going to stop being a client :-p 

All of us a MPower Fitness get to be a part of changing so many people’s lives and I swear every story I hear makes me smile and often times brings tears to my eyes. In fact, if you cry telling me your story I’ll probably cry with you. And when Rachael made this final comment to me, well I smiled and I cried (I’m a big sap like that)

She said, “Boot camp gave me back to me and to my children.”

I am so proud to have had Rachael as a client and now as a feisty and determined part of our team. Simply put….Wow!!

Megan K and the team

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