One of the biggest goals we hear from our clients, a test of strength and perseverance, is the pull-up.

We LOVE the enthusiasm for these goals at FBBC so we want to help you get started. There are a lot of handy resources about the web, so we’ve compiled a few suggestions for you for where to start.

Nerd Fitness – How to do a pull up finally.
Girls Gone Strong -How to do a pull up, everything you need to know.


Our best suggestion for you here at FBBC is to put in the time on the bar.

Hang regularly. Feel free to see how the bar feels in your hands – use chalk if your grip feels like it’s slipping.
Stand on the box if you have to. Use the wall for leverage.
Start from the top and lower yourself down slowly.
Try partner assisted pull-ups.
Lift heavy – remember, you’re trying to pull your own body weight up!
Switch your grip (pull up and chin up) and see which works best for you right now and focus on that direction.
Most people will find palms facing toward you for a chin up works best in the beginning.

Most importantly, see where you’re at NOW and write that down. Maybe you are at the hang stage or maybe you’re able to raise yourself a little way up – wherever your start is, write it down and then as you attempt (as often as you possibly can without injuring yourself) write down your progress. Over time you should see that your repeated efforts are making a difference!

And when in doubt, reach out to a Coach. We’re here for your continued success and we’re there to help you raise that bar.
(Or at least pull up on it. 🙂 )

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