For some of our clients the habit of exercise already exists, and they are in a routine of healthy habits but they’ve lost “inspiration, motivation and don’t have a feeling of belonging”. 

For our awesome early morning client Amie G, she says “I belonged to a large gym here in town.  I enjoyed participating in classes (when I could take an 1+ out of my day), but didn’t feel like there was a sense of community.  I felt I didn’t have any support emotionally or mentally;  it felt like I was alone on my fitness journey. 

I even tried participating in boot camp classes but found that wasn’t helping me achieve any of my fitness goals.  I’m the type of person that needs inspiration and needs to be challenged.”

For a goal minded person who likes a challenge it can be easy to become unmotivated and gradually fall out of the healthy habits like exercise.  

Amie says, “I stopped going to the club and the only exercise I got was walking my dogs and the occasional run on our home treadmill.   Physically I wasn’t in bad shape, but knew that I needed to start exercising more and needed to increase my fitness level.”

Her inspiration to make a change and increase her fitness was twofold: in 2016 Amie had open heart surgery and an aortic valve replacement. She wanted to make sure she was continuing to improve her fitness levels and care for her body.

Her good friend Steph had been attending and Amie was aware of the progress Stephanie had made and how much she loved the community here at MPower (then Fit Body).  

When you find something you love it can be a natural fit! 

Amie says, “It has been wonderful! I have always been a ‘class’ person so the format is great. I also like variety and balance with the cardio and strength combinations.   Being able to get results in 30 minutes has also been one of the highlights. It makes it easier to fit the workouts in with my busy schedule. I like having the opportunity to participate in different activities like yoga, Amazing Race, etc.. so much fun!” 

We are glad you found us Amie and we can’t wait to help you push past your Ascension Level 2 Test 🙂 

Megan K and the team

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