Our client (and now coach) Jenn J found MPower fitness when she was physically, emotionally and mentally tired from a tough year and having a 4 year old and a 6 month old at home.  

She says  “I was in need of self care for my well being and I didn’t want to feel sluggish anymore. I needed to reclaim the fitness routine I had lost a year earlier. MPower came into my life at the one year anniversary of my Dad’s passing which was also the one year anniversary of having stopped working out on a regular basis.”

She was inspired to get into better shape and lose the “new baby fog” by a quote from her mom ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.  

With two small children and a husband who also works full-time, Jenn had some juggling to do to fit MPower into her schedule.  “I choose the 5:30 am sessions as they are the least disruptive to my family, work and day-to-day agenda. I have always preferred early morning workouts and find that being able to tune out the noise and be present for my workout sets a productive tone for the rest of my day.  I am better at home and work when I can start my day this way.” If you have been to the 5:30am session you have likely met Jenn J. She is usually quietly kicking butt in session or there to help out with the coaching. 🙂 

Jenn says, 

“My original goal was to get in the best shape I’ve been in up to this point. Originally, I planned to be a size 10/12 and now I’m a size 4/6. I am still in disbelief that that was even possible.”

 “From a performance standpoint, I completed the Twin Cities Loony Challenge in Oct 2019 to see what impact 18 months of HIIT workouts would have on my running.  I far surpassed my goals and paced 3 min/mile faster than my historical average. That race is one of my proudest life accomplishments and was the greatest feeling.”

WOW. Nice work Jenn! 

When asked about her experience at MPower, Jenn J says 

“My experience has been so positive and rewarding and resonates with me so strongly that I pursued coaching.  

Fitness and nutrition are so important to our wellbeing but it is so easy to start a program and not stick with it.  I feel so strongly that the MPower format provides results and is sustainable that I wanted to be part of sending that message.  

I get the opportunity to engage with clients every day, breaking through performance, nutrition and emotional barriers.  There are few things as rewarding as seeing someone achieve their first rep of a new/challenging move, improve their relationship with food or turn the corner away from shame/guilt to one of pride/confidence. 

I find the community at MPower to resemble that of the various swim teams I belonged to for over 15 years.  It’s more than a group fitness class, it’s more than a weight room. It’s a community of people with individual goals who inspire and cheer each other on to achieve those goals and we win/celebrate as a ‘team’.

We are thrilled that Jenn J found us when she did and that she chose to feel the fear and do it anyway. 

She says that the best thing that has happened to her since joining MPower is that she now knows “how limitless her potential really is”.

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