A sedentary lifestyle, lack of motivation and lowered self-confidence often go hand in hand.  

When we aren’t moving and grooving it can feel almost impossible to get into the habit of exercise. We often know that exercise will make us feel better but getting going can be really tough. 

Exercise not only gives us more energy and improves mood, but it is also directly associated with improved self-confidence.  

Given all of this, it was no surprise when our fabulous client Kelly told us that she was suffering from low confidence and a total lack of motivation before she joined MPower. 

Kelly wanted to get in shape, but she was exhausted. 

She had two little kids and initially lost some baby weight after her second child but then began struggling and gaining it back.  

Kelly discovered our program online when she saw a facebook ad. She says, “I was sitting on the my couch (per usual at the time) thinking about my lack of motivation to get fit after having my baby in 2017, when I came across your ad for the challenge on facebook. And I thought that this is what I needed to jumpstart the process.  And it worked. I’ve never felt so strong.” 

While Kelly was initially a little overwhelmed by making changes to her nutrition, adding in exercise and doing all the things necessary to change her health and her life, she noticed that by the end of the first few weeks she had more energy and she was “running up the stairs without a second thought about being out of breath”. A few months later and she ran her first 10K! 

Kelly treats her workout sessions like an appointment. 

She preschedules them and has them on her calendar. They are nonnegotiable for her. 

She was inspired to make these changes because she wanted to be a good role model for her children- especially her three year old daughter. 

Her daughter is already asking if she can join and exercise when she is an adult too…

Kelly says her experience with MPower has been great. “I have so much more energy, which translates into so much more life. I’m more active with my kids and family and happier at the end of the day. I have made exercise a natural part of my life again, after a 5 year hiatus.

Everyone is super supportive – the people, the coaches, and the environment. MPower encourages me to do more than I thought I could do for fitness, especially at this point in my life when I’m juggling career, husband, and two little kids.” 

We love to hear it! 

Kelly hasn’t hit her end goal yet but she is on track and committed to the process. She is down 4.9% body fat and several lbs and inches- which we think is a great start! 

Kelly we are glad you found us and got up the motivation to come in and get started. 

Getting started can be one of the hardest parts, but you did it! 

Now you are on track. 

If you are in the same position Kelly was in and wanting to get going but lacking motivation, reply to this email and let’s schedule a call or a meeting.

We want you to feel as great as our clients do! 

Megan K and the team

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