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Today I’d like to tell you about one of my star campers who has really turned herself around. Before Kristen started with MPower Fitness, she wasn’t really taking care of herself.

“I would yo-yo diet, and join gyms where I’d never attend a class or workout, or I’d start something and then quit pretty shortly after.”

She didn’t feel good emotionally or physically but that quickly changed.

“Since joining MPower,I feel strong (mentally and physically), really strong. And I’m proud of myself for sticking with the workouts and good eating habits. I like looking in the mirror and even having photos taken of me whereas before I couldn’t stand to look at myself. I am a new person, and I love the new person I’ve become.”

She had to make some decisions in her life and overcome her biggest obstacle.

“The biggest challenge was realizing that there really isn’t a magic switch, and that this will be a constant battle. In the past I’d lose weight, then fall of the wagon and gain back the lost weight, plus more. Now if I find myself slipping I ask for accountability and I get right back onto track.”

Accountability is a huge factor for all of us, regardless of its source.

But what motivates a person to make such changes when she hadn’t had much success before? “Individuals at MPower Fitness. I see the accomplishments they’ve made and I believe I can make them as well.“

I hear that a lot, and I believe that it’s part of the reason that so many people remain dedicated to the program; when you see the success of others for yourself, it’s extremely motivating.

Kristen seems to have found a home with FBBC, and we love to hear that.

“The trainers are wonderful and push you. The community is so warm and welcoming and supportive. It is a fun environment with absolutely no judgment. And the best thing: you see results if you put the work in! I have an instant gratification personality and you really see results pretty quickly on, and it motivates you to keep on going.”

One thing that makes MPower Fitness easier for many is that it only takes 30 minutes. Kristen has reorganized her priorities and now places herself at the top because, as she puts it, a happy mom and wife make for a happy family and she can certainly squeeze in 30 minutes a day to make that happen!

She’s gone from somebody who put very little effort into her fitness to a person who is serious about being healthy.

“I love working out. Seriously, I get mad when I can’t fit in a workout, or miss a class. My husband cannot believe the person I’ve become. I also pay a lot more attention to what I put into my body, and the balance of nutrients I have throughout the day. I have also found that journaling is critical to staying honest.”

That change in lifestyle is obvious in both her new attitude and in her appearance. Kristen’s initial goal when she joined boot camp was to be a size 8 because she’d never been smaller than that. She is now a size 4 and loving it! That’s great, but her change in mindset is even better. She now has faith in herself.

“I can do this, and I deserve to be fit and trim!”

Yes she does, and she’s living it! I wish you all the same success!

Megan K and Team

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