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Today I’d like to tell you a story that starts with heartbreaking tragedy and ends in happiness and success. Lauri first found MPower Fitness about a year and a half after a life-altering tragedy. She had been addicted to heroin and one night, she overdosed and her boyfriend died. Wow…Things had to change. (*Yes Fit Friends, Lauri has given us permission to share her story *)

Before she found our boot camp, Lauri’s main focus was staying clean and sober. It wasn’t just her first priority; it was her ONLY priority. She had never had to exercise or watch what she ate in order to stay thin but that changed while she was recovering. She was also very unhappy.

“I was always tired and stood with no confidence. Physically I was starting to develop a “tummy” that my son even said was kinda sticking out. My clothes were not fitting me right anymore. Mentally, I was less alert and had less memory.”

Laurie needed to find a place that offered the emotional support and physical guidance that she needed in order to get healthy.

She started coming to MPower Fitness with her mom or with friends even though transportation was a real challenge for her since she didn’t have a vehicle. Lauri didn’t let that deter her, though. She figured out the complicated bus route that she needed to take to get here and she used it faithfully.

“I would often walk back home which is probably ten miles but it felt good. If I had a vehicle I would be there so much more!”

Lauri loved MPower Fitness right from the beginning.

“Jenny was the first coach and first trainer I had the first day I went and she made me feel so comfortable. She was genuine and caring and listened and just knew how I felt when I explained to her how I felt in my body at that time. Then she was my coach for the first challenge and SHE WAS UNBELIEVABLE ! She literally taught me how to eat. I would ask her questions and she would text me back right away with suggestions and solutions. She is awesome.”

Now Lauri comes with her mom or her friends on her days off and loves Zumba and working out in general. She’s also dedicated to eating properly.

“I have a passion for looking the best my body can and a passion for eating right. It’s borderline obsession. My friends are used to it now but in the beginning they were not used to me saying no to certain foods.”

Initially, Lauri just wanted her clothes to fit again. She lost 9 pounds and 7.5 inchesquickly and now wants to start kickboxing or martial arts to help her stay sharp and toned.

Lauri has also made a friend who feels like a sister to her and she has a new goal.

“Basically I am a miracle and many have been left behind. My goal is to change my life physically and emotionally and to be an example, a leader, or rather my inspiration is to INSPIRE those that are left behind.”

That’s a lofty goal, but in my opinion, she’s already met it and I have no doubt that beautiful things await her.

I wish you all success and good health!

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