This week I’m going to share my story. 
I don’t do it all that often because it feels a bit awkward, but I felt like it was
time again to tell you from where I came and why. 

I moved here from Minot, ND in June 2010.

Prior to moving, I was teaching and training at several studios around that small town in North Dakota and
I loved so many things about it. 
I had great friends, great clients and fantastic co-workers. 

But my personal life was an absolute disaster. 
I was coming out of a completely incompatible marriage and I was in a dark place emotionally. 
I felt like a failure. I had made a lot of mistakes and didn’t know how to work through all of what was going on with a lack of life direction, a failed marriage and a few other big personal disasters. In addition, I was hanging out with some folks who were deeply into drinking and smoking. Not surprisingly, I was too. I was using alcohol and closet smoking to numb out the pain from other poor life choices.  

In February 2010, on a dark cold winter evening, I was at the home of several guy friends for a 90’s themed party. 
The party was really well attended a fun evening. 

But the night quickly became a disaster that I’ll never forget. 
I’ll spare you the gory details, but the long and the short of it is that a person I knew and believed cared about me raped me, beat me up, called me horrible names and threatened my life. With a promise to have me killed if anyone ever learned about this.  

I found myself running down the road in a borrowed coat with my shoes only barely on screaming and crying.  

There were a lot of things that came out of this personal catastrophe. 
A trip to the Emergency room, 
an invasive exam, 
statements to the police
Interviews with the Air Force police
the return of my still technically husband from Squadron Officer School
and on and on…

But if you’ll fast forward a bit with me what ultimately came was the realization that I’d never be the same AND
that I could not stay in Minot, ND. 

I was no longer safe.  I had to leave. 

This was confirmed when I found at that not only would the person who raped me NOT be going to jail, he would get to remain in the Air Force. 
Where he still serves, to this day…

This is all pretty dark. I realize.  
But it matters because it has shaped who I am and what we are today. 

When I moved to Minneapolis, I knew two people. 
One was Adam Glass (whom I loved dearly and trusted with my life) and the other was a friend who worked for Core Power Yoga. I’ve seen her twice since moving here. :p Basically, I knew nobody. 

But,  I knew what I wanted. 

I had a vision of creating communities of people who love and accepted each other regardless of personal struggles, dark times, difficult life choices etc. 
And I wanted this community to be focused on the pursuit of better. 
Whatever better looks like for the individual. 

I wanted people who didn’t know that many people to feel supported. I wanted people to feel loved and welcomed. 

And I wanted all of this to be centered around movement and exercise. 

I know when people move their bodies they feel better…and if I can just get someone who is in a dark place: whether it be a lack of self-esteem, fear about the future, financial, health or political concerns, family concerns, troubles with children or spouse just to move around a bit amazing things can happen.  The human body is really miraculous.  The human body wants to facilitate a beautiful life for you.
And when you start seeing accomplishments anywhere in your life (but especially physically) it can often seem possible again that other things can improve too…

Plus, when we put ourselves in a situation or an environment where those around us are wanting to get better too, it is remarkable what can happen.  The influence from other positive focused people is HUGE for us.  
We start to expect and demand better of ourselves. 
We start to elevate our standards for our lives and even better  we start to believe these better things and times are possible for ourselves. 

Stay tuned for part 2…

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