We hear often from the moms who attend MPower Fitness that being busy is one of the biggest obstacles they need to overcome when they are pursuing health and fitness goals.

Our fantastic client Youa is no exception to that.  

With four young children and a full-time profession she is definitely busy.

Before joining MPower Fitness she had just begun exercising again and working to get in shape…

She says, “I thought I was ok but I knew I was not happy because this was the biggest I’ve ever gotten. I didn’t workout. I ate everything I loved with no limits. I just didn’t care or was too lazy to do something about it”. She knew she needed to get in shape to be healthy and strong for herself and for her family.

She had begun to have back and foot pain due to the extra weight. That combined with a family history of high blood pressure and diabeste and Youa decided she should change her ways.

Since beginning to exercise and losing some body fat she has noticed that both her back and foot pain are gone!

Youa says she was VERY nervous to get started. She was scared of any workout called “boot camp” and was convinced she was “going to die” during the session. But Rachael met with her, encouraged her to try a challenge and the rest is history.

Youa says the 30 minute workouts during the early morning timeframe help her fit everything in so she can get done with work and go home to her babies. “I love the 30 minutes, variety and the people. It is never a dull moment at boot camp. I’m now working out 4-5 times per week and I’m working on my food and water everyday…slowly making better decisions and being more aware of what I put in my body”.

No journey is completely obstacle free though and for Youa the obstacle is food. She says “It’s my only downfall. I love FOOD! I’m still working on it everyday. I overcome it by reminding myself of my goals.”

Since joining MPower Youa is down 15.3 lbs  8.75 inches and 1.6% bodyfat​.

We are so happy you found a workout that you like and that you have some “me time” Youa. Congratulations on all of your success! We are happy to have you with us as a part of the Fit Family.

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