Before people find something they love they can find themselves “on and off” the fitness wagon, trying different phases and crazes and basically lacking consistency and results.

Our amazing client and coach Courtney Z was in exactly that predicament. 
She says, “working out felt like something I was supposed to do vs something I wanted to do. I never enjoyed it and never saw any sort of results because I didn’t stick with anything consistently.I hadn’t had a consistent workout regimen since high school. I was very good at procrastinating, making excuses, and then trying to dive all in to a plan for a few days before inevitably falling off the wagon again.
I had no accountability, fitness goals beyond a number on the scale, or real knowledge about fitness. 

I came into MPower for the first time the month before my wedding when I really wanted to “buckle down”. I was so nervous to start a workout program let alone a bootcamp class – intimidating. Then I met Megan K and a few other coaches who were so supportive and respectful. But the biggest difference was that they noticed when I hadn’t been in for a while. I felt like I needed to go to class to prove it to both myself and the coaches that I could stick with something. Then I just fell in love with the 6am SLP crew and didn’t turn back!” 

Since joining MPower I finally understand what people mean when they say working out helps them FEEL better. It’s not about looks, or hitting a number on the scale, it’s about feeling better all around. I have more energy, sleep better, eat better, drink more water, and feel more confident when I make it to MPower in the morning. I’ve also learned so much about nutrition and fitness from this group, I know what I should be eating and what I should be limiting now. I have developed long term habits like starting my day with 24oz of water first thing, actually measuring my coffee creamer, and limiting carbs when my digestion isn’t great. 

Like most of our clients, Courtney is BUSY. She and her husband both work full-time and have a baby.  Getting to sessions can be tough. She says, “In order to get a workout in I have to plan it in advance and put it on the schedule. Before I had a baby, the routine was easier but now I have to take it week by week scheduling what days I’ll get to work out and what days I have to do a workout at home or squeeze in an extra long family walk at a minimum. But trust me, I still get out of my routine every now and then! But, then I force myself to jump back in and set my alarm. For me if I don’t work out in the morning, it’s not going to happen. It’s too easy for the day to slip away and to get busy with work. I set my alarm for 5:00 and don’t give myself any wiggle room to second guess my plan, I’m in the car and on the way to the gym before I even realize what’s happening!”

Courtney’s inspiration to be in the best health possible comes from her family.  She says, “My husband is annoyingly fit – he can pump out 100 push ups or bike 10 miles with no training. I’m never going to be built like that, but I can do my part to keep up with him! I want to be able to keep up with him and my daughter whether we’re doing a weekend activity, or on vacation walking 20,000 steps a day. To me it’s important to have energy and feel strong and healthy. Also after I had been coming to MPower for a few years someone in my family had a life changing medical diagnosis that impacts her everyday. I have seen first hand how quickly your health can change your entire world and I want to do everything I possibly can to be proactive about health. Sometimes the workouts seem hard, so I have to work on believing in myself that yes I can do them and that I can modify the moves if they aren’t working for me.”

 I LOVE MPower. I had no idea what a gym community could feel like until I started here. I absolutely love the variety of people who come to sessions, not everyone is a specific size or has a particular ability. Everyone is doing what works for them and there is zero judgement. I love that I can do the workout 110% or 50% depending on the day and no one is counting my reps or judging how much I’m lifting. Everyone is welcoming, supportive, and truly there to focus on themselves. But the biggest difference is that the coaches care and they communicate with you on a regular basis. The accountability is critical. 

I would have never guessed I’d work at a gym! 🙂 I now get up at 4:45 to help people with their workouts and I love it- who would have thought!  I’m an introvert at heart and getting on a microphone to coach is something that many of my friends still can’t believe. But I love getting to know clients and feeling like I’m helping them in a unique way. I like sharing the energy that MPower gives me and I really like learning more about fitness each day. I have always liked learning about nutrition but since MPower I have really gained a passion for learning about fitness and wellness overall. 

It is pretty awesome to think about what can happen for someone in just 7 years! Courtney has become a “fitness person”, gotten certified as a coach and become a regular early morning exerciser. We are so glad to have you with us Courtney and excited for your continued fitness journey. 

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