Sometimes when clients find us they are in pretty rough shape…they aren’t feeling great about themselves, they are lacking energy or they are in pain. Other times things are going okay and there aren’t any problems to speak of but they know they really “should be exercising”.  

Our client Noa came to us feeling pretty good. She wasn’t actively exercising but nothing was out of hand: she had no health problems.  

Noa had been paying attention to what she was eating but she was not exercising- at all. She knew that to really feel great and be healthier she needed an exercise plan.    

She was inspired to exercise and stay healthy and fit by her mom who is a consistent source of encouragement and positivity. Noa says “my mom is always cheering me on and pushing me forward, even when I don’t feel like it”.  

Like most clients, Noa is a busy woman. She has a lot of things on her plate but she fits in her workouts by pre-scheduling them.  “Every Sunday night, I decide which days I am going to workout during the week. I don’t let anything get in the way of my scheduled workouts. Thanks to MPower I now have something that I do just for myself and I experience a lot of enjoyment in doing so”.

When Noa first started at MPower she needed to ease into things. She also felt a bit intimidated by the workouts and some of the exercises. She says, “My biggest obstacle was at the beginning when I wasn’t in as good of shape as I am now. I was hesitant to try all of the exercises because I haven’t done them before and didn’t want to mess up. Thanks to the great coaches though, they made me feel very comfortable and pushed me through it!”

In Noa’s time with us, she is down 13.5 inches including 5 inches from her waist and 4 from her hips. She is down 6.5% body fat and 6 lbs on the scale.  She says, “I feel much more energetic, comfortable in my body and I love buying new clothes. I am so proud of myself for getting to this point. I’ve found a new hobby that I love and I can’t see my life without it”.

We are glad you are proud of yourself Noa and we are proud of you too!  

Fantastic work.

Megan K and Team

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