Many of our clients come to us with busy schedules and our MPower for Life Client Rita is no exception.  She was in transition from a very busy schedule as a Realtor to a semi-retired schedule.

She says, “emotionally I was trying to figure out what this new life was going to look like and what I would do with it.  Physically, I went from a highly active life: walking/ running 5 miles on hilly terrain or biking 16 miles in the evening to being too weak to get up off the floor or chair without assistance”. 

She was “scared and discouraged with her declining physical condition and weight and she knew she wanted to get her life back”. Arthritis in her knees and shoulders as well as a rotator cuff issue were slowing her down and were the physical challenges with which she was coming into the program.  But Rita was full of determination.

She says that coach “Amanda watches carefully to make sure I’m not exacerbating the problem and modifies the exercise as needed”. Rita says her experience with MPower for Life has “been fabulous. The small sessions are as close to one on one training as you can get and yet you have camaraderie and friends within the group. Coaches are trained to work around and with the physical limitations of the individuals and the exercises are designed to help us manage our lives safely”.

Since joining MPower for Life Rita says she is “noticeably stronger with much better balance. I have my confidence back and my energy to find new things to do in my new life.The 6 week meal plan that was introduced has me eating better and my husband and I both love the recipes.  I have lost about 17 pounds and at last measure, 9 inches.”

Her goals at the outset of the program were to get her strength and mobility back and now her goal is to water-ski one more time this summer.  Our hope is that not only will Rita be water skiing this summer but that she’ll have many more summers of it…if she chooses. We are so proud of all that you have accomplished Rita and we are grateful that despite physical pain and limitations you took the steps to join the program, get coaching and “get your life back”.

We are thrilled to see what the next few chapters have in store for you!

Megan K and Team
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