Do you believe your whole life could change for the better after six months of eating better and working out?

This is what happened for our client Sara A.

Before joining MPower Fitness Sara says she was working and spending time with her family. She wasn’t exercising at all and she felt terrible.

Six months into her program with us, she says “everything has changed: emotionally, mentally and physicall! I’m so happy with myself. Now I can say that I feel complete: I have more energy and confidence”

Most of us know we have some room for improvement in our health and wellbeing but sometimes we don’t know how bad it is until it gets dramatically better. Sara found us on facebook and joined us for a six week program.  She says before she got started she felt pretty bad about herself. “I was unhappy with my body, depressed because I wasn’t doing anything for myself. Most of the time, I was angry for nothing, no energy at all and complaining all the time because my clothes were too tight!!!”

As she was getting going, she had to take a leap and trust that it would work.  She was unsure about all of it the workouts, the program, the people. “I felt ugly, with low self-esteem and everything was new to me but I made new friends at Boot Camp and I’m so happy now”.

The tricky part for her is that she works the night shift and watches her daughter in the a.m. She knew she was going to need to make some sacrifices to get things going in the direction of fitness. aims to make it for 3 workouts per week and right now she is more than successful!

She has made adjustments to her eating: less sugar and carbs.  Before our program she was prediabetic but she recently learned that all of her numbers are on track and she is doing great healthwise.  

She says the best part of belonging to MPower is that it “feels like a second house for me; I love my Fit Family”.

Two of Sara’s goals- outside of preventing diabetes (which she did)- was to lose 17lbs and return to a size 4.  She has not only done that but also she is down 25lbs, 19.25 inches and 8.4% body fat! Holy guacamole that is a lot of inches, lbs and body fat.  

Hearing more about how unhappy and stressed Sara was before training with us and how things have changed dramatically for her since she got on a better path, makes us so happy and grateful to be able to do what we do!

Congratulations on all of your success Sara!

We are thrilled for you and excited to see your future progress.

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