More energy and a zest for life is often one of the immediate benefits of exercise. As we age, these are valued and needed. Plus they contribute to a high quality of life.  

Our MPower for Life client Alan T says that he was missing these before he found us.  Prior to starting our program he says  “I was not moving very much and sitting in the chair watching TV Way too often”. 

​Alan says he felt older, slower and bored and now he has more energy and flexibility than he had even 10 years ago.  

Alan is a dedicated member of our 10:15am session.   He looks forward to it every day.  He says, “I’m much more focused on fitness and I look forward to it-  I’m usually early and waiting in the parking lot!” 

This is true. He is the first one through the doors M, T and Thursday for MPower for Life and despite  beginning his program with a serious knee injury and a surgery he is committed and doing the best he can.  

Alan says his initial goal was “…to build strength and flexibility – I’ve accomplished both! I’m moving on to losing weight now and building up my strength. I have a whole new community of friends and an amazing Coach Amanda that keeps me on my toes and straightened out on my eating! No more doughnuts for me!”

If you are ever around the MPower SLP/ Studio during the mid morning be sure to say hi to Alan.  You can’t miss him, he is one of our 3 very dedicated men who workout at that time of day.  

We are excited for your progress Alan and we can’t wait to see if you can out lift Rod.  😉

Megan K and Team

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