Good morning awesome boot campers!

I hope that everybody is awake, inspired and ready to meet the challenges of the day head on; I know that I am! Speaking of being inspired and enthusiastic, I’d like to tell you about a wonderful person that I’m extremely proud of. We all know how bad it feels to be disgusted by what you see in the mirror, but we often forget how much our emotions and behaviors, both good and bad, affect the people that we care about. 

Let me introduce you to Alicia. Her story is a true inspiration to me and makes me get out of bed when I’d like nothing better than to sleep in. 

Before she discovered MPower Fitness, Alicia was in a really bad place. “Emotionally I was a wreck. I was unhappy and it started to affect the people in my life.” She hated working out and couldn’t even make it through 10 minutes of exercise without giving up. She hated herself but was so down that she didn’t even feel like putting in the effort to change her situation. Her fiancé took note. “You were just not a happy person, you hated yourself and you took it out on our relationship.”

That all changed when she found MPower Fitness. She and her mom decided to make the lifestyle change together, and it’s been truly inspiring for her.

“Throughout this whole journey my inspiration is of course my Mom. I am so happy that she decided to join me in this new lifestyle change. During my workout she is my biggest motivation, if my Mom is pushing 30 lbs…I can! If my Mom can do 25 burpees I can do 30! It’s awesome!”

Instead of starting the day with dread, Alicia is now full of energy and eager to face the day. “I get boot camp done right in the morning. Not only does it propel me into a day of healthy eating and increased energy but then I can’t make up excuses throughout the day that allow me skip out on my workouts.”

Alicia has lost 20 pounds and more than 15 inches. She’s gone from a size 10 to a size 6 and is still excited about showing up to MPower Fitness in order to meet her goals. She’s eating right and using her Fitness Pal every day. “It really keeps me honest and aware of what I am putting in my body.”

Personally, I think that Alicia’s already overcome her hardest battle: she’s changed how she views herself and is happy. “You just have to get done what you can. One week we might make it 6 times and the next we only make it 3. Don’t beat yourself up about it. The days you can’t make it to boot camp, eat less and always eat HEALTHY!”

That’s what MPower Fitness is all about: teaching you how to do your best so that you can be healthy and happy with who you are!

Megan K and Team

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