Here at MPower Fitness we aim to cultivate three big things: results, relationships and community.

When our clients have been with us and seen great success we ask if they are willing to share their story.

Our client Ali is down 15-20 (ish) lbs, 9% body fat and 12 inches and she has been with us over a year.

We asked if she’d be willing to tell us more about her journey and she does so in her words below.

We are so happy for all of your success Ali and we are grateful to have you as one of our early morning regulars.

“I have been active my whole life. I was an avid runner before having children and now found a new love of walking. Along with walking, I went regularly to ‘workout’ at a big health club. At my club, I was intimidated by the weights so I stuck to the cardio machines. The only time I did strength training was when I payed extra money to hire a personal trainer.

Before joining bootcamp I had put on some extra pounds and was frustrated because I was working out all the time (cardio, cardio, cardio) but wasn’t seeing anything change with my body. While looking through Facebook one day, I noticed a friend had ‘liked’ MPower Fitness. I started seeing more things come through my FB feed about MPower Fitness which included a 21 day challenge. I decided to sign up for the challenge. I was curious what this place could do for me. After the first week of workouts,  I was hooked with MPower Fitness. I loved the variety with the workouts and it was only 30 minutes. The part that I LOVED the most was the built in strength training and the fact that we basically had a personal trainer/coach with us during that 30 minute session. And in that short 21 days, I saw results. I signed up to be a member of boot camp right after the challenge was over. I continued to do about 2 more challenges after that first 21 day challenge and saw huge changes in my body. In about a year time, I had lost around 20 lbs (ok, maybe only 15 right now) around 12 inches or so, and close to 9% body fat lost. (I haven’t had an assessment in a while so those might not be exact). Clothes were fitting differently and people were noticing. I felt strong and healthy and I still continue to feel that way!

When I first joined MPower Fitness, it was in the summer during my summer break (I’m a teacher). I was going to the 8:30/9:00 session and then I would go home and go for a long, brisk walk. I was a little nervous when I had to go back to school because I knew that I would need to go to the early morning session and wouldn’t be able to get in that long walk I was doing most days after the fit body session. I was nervous that the 30 minute session wasn’t going to be enough. To my surprise, putting in just the 30 minute boot camp session 4-5 days a week was and is enough to keep me feeling strong and healthy. Going to MPower Fitness is just part of my morning routine and gives me the boost I need to get through a day teaching young children.

Since joining MPower Fitness, I have met a wonderful community of people…many who have now become my friends. I enjoy starting my day off with energizing people who make me smile, laugh and push me to be my best. All the staff and coaches have been great! I love when the coaches push me and make me workout to my full potential. The coaches always know when I should be lifting a little heavier, moving a little faster…haha!

Not only have I gained a new workout family but going to MPower Fitness has encouraged me to maintain a pretty healthy diet. I’m definitely more conscious of what I need to fuel my body with and I definitely notice when I’m not fueling it in the right way. And I love that I can always ask a coach for help with my diet or join a new challenge if I feel like I’m off tract.

I can definitely say that since joining MPower Fitness I’m the strongest that I have ever been.  Fitness will always be part of my life and I’m glad that I found MPower Fitness….THANK YOU!”

Thank YOU Ali. A lot of times people don’t think 30 minutes 3-4 times a week couldn’t possibly be enough but the reality is, combined with sensible eating it is enough.  
Kudos to you Ali. We are glad you found us that now you get to do cardio for fun, not just to try to shed a few lbs 🙂

– Megan K and Team

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