Sometimes we know we need to “do the thing” but we aren’t sure exactly how to make it happen. This was the case for MPower client April C.

Before our studio came into her life, she says “ I was busy working and raising family.  I knew I needed to take some time for self care but was unsure of how to fit it in. Now I put my workouts on the family calendar. With 30 minute, intensive workouts offered at a variety of times of day, I can always find a way to squeeze it in”.

Her inspiration to get in better shape is her mom.  Growing up, April had a great example of exercise and healthy eating.  She says her mom has been attending fitness classes and eating right for over 20 years!  Go Mom!

Since joining April has hardly looked back. She says, “I love it! The studio is so close to my home. The 30 minute group session is a perfect fit for me. The workouts are always changing, the music is high energy and the instructors are AMAZING!

I look forward to my workouts and always feel great when I am done. I get frustrated if something comes up and I miss a planned workout but I know I can always find another option that week to get it in. “

When she first started, she set out to:

  1. Feel Better
  2. Show her kids the importance of exercise and hard work.
  3. Feel better in a swimsuit for a spring break trip.

She is down 3.3% bodyfat since March 2018

But she says that the best thing that has happened for her since joining MPower Fitness is “I have the piece of mind that I am making my health a priority and I feel stronger. My two daughters know the importance of making time for exercise and how good it makes you feel!”

April we are thrilled to hear about your progress and your passion for exercise! Thank you for being a great clients.

​Megan K and Team

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