A lot of times we hear from our MPower Fitness clients that they came to us as a last resort.   In fact, when coach Kim Curran-Moore first joined us as a client she thought “screw it, I’ve got nothing to lose”. She had been seeing our “stupid Facebook ads” (Hahahah- it worked, right?) and thought, “I might as well just go in and try it. Even if I hate it, I’ve only lost $100.”

Kim was in a tough spot emotionally and physically.

Within the span of just a few years, she and her family had moved from Santa Barbara to St. Louis Park. She didn’t have many friends and on top of it she lost her mother, father and sister in succession.

She was depressed, lonely and drinking a bottle of wine a night. 

Thankfully Facebook ads and “screw it” won out and Kim signed up for our 28 day New Year program in early 2016.   She was determined to lose 58 lbs by her 58th birthday in October and to feel better. 

She says, “I was fat and old. I knew I couldn’t fix old, but I could fix fat”.  <– Her words, not mine. 

She noticed quickly that exercise helped her to feel better. She was hurting a lot less in just the first 28 days.

It took longer for the weight to come off but within 8 months Kim had not only met but exceeded her goal. She was down 60 lbs by her 58th birthday. Additionally she was down 10% body fat and many inches. 

For Kim the workouts were not easy.  She says, “They were tough”. There were times where she felt humiliated about what she couldn’t do, (not by us or by anyone in session) but that she felt bad and sad about what her body’s condition was. 

But she persevered…

She says, those first few months the support of her fellow “nooners” and the encouragement of the fellow clients was crucial. 

Kim says, “I felt like I belonged. 

Even though, it was hard and I didn’t love it right away, I felt accepted”.

She specifically mentioned several clients and coaches who were key in making her feel accepted and encouraged: Jal, Maggie, Tracy, Chris St, Pete, Kristie F and others.

As she formed the habit of exercise, the other habits started to follow.  She says she wanted to make changes to her eating because she wanted to continue to feel better. She wanted to attend because she knew she felt better. 

Her daughter says, “Kimber you’re so much happier when you exercise”. And isn’t that the truth? Don’t we all feel better after having moved our bodies? 

As Kim progressed, the people around her noticed the changes.  People would say “you look great, what are you doing” and she would tell them coming to workout with us.

About a year and a half in to her workouts with us, Kim approached me about becoming a coach.  She wanted to help share the mission and impact lives the way her life had been impacted. 

Kim says, “I felt like I belonged here. I’d been other places and it was awful.   You go to the locker room and want to hide because everyone looks at you… even now at a healthy size I want to hide… but here I belong. If I can help even one person feel accepted when she walks through the door, then I’ve done my job”

Kim has not only done that but more. She is a key coach out our MPower studio and a willing sub over in Maple Grove. 

She has impacted many lives, through her enthusiasm on the floor both in Boot Camp sessions and our MPower For Life 55+ sessions.  She has gone on to get several nationally accredited certifications including NASM, Precision Nutrition Level 1, FAI and more and she was on our wall of fame with a success poster!

Kim we are so glad that the ‘stupid Facebook ad’ reached you and that Rachael persuaded you to sign up for membership.  None of us can imagine our MPower studio being the same without you.

Thank you for your commitment as a coach and for trusting us to help guide you through your journey. 

Megan K and Team

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