Hello my wonderful, enthusiastic campers!

As you know, I love hearing about each and every one of you. I love to hear your stories, and learn what it was that brought you to MPower Fitness. Sometimes, though, it really hits me how much of an impact the program has on people. Today I want to share a story with you that absolutely brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Let me tell you about Deb. She’s an amazing woman whose story is so moving that it motivates me to keep going and sell harder even when I’m exhausted and discouraged. 

Before starting MPower Fitness , Deb was eating poorly and had a hard time making it to the gym because she lacked a motivating partner to work out with and just didn’t think she had the time. “I was out of shape physically (could not dance one song without being out of breath, with my knees and ankles hurting). I felt tired all the time with no enthusiasm to do things, and was not feeling happy with myself.”

Just hearing that made my heart heavy for what she had gone through. Fortunately, she found us. Because of her past experiences, she was terribly doubtful and lacked confidence that she could succeed. Still, she worked hard to try.

“I did not think or believe I would actually meet my original goal of losing 40 pounds, so I set my first goal of 20 pounds for my first challenge.  I lost the 20 pounds: I was surprised and very happy with the results. I have been hooked on coming to MPower Fitness since Week 2 and even more so after losing the 20 pounds.”

What’s even better is that she kept going and lost another 24 pounds and is still going! She’s not only looking fabulous, she’s also eating better and has a much better outlook on life. She doesn’t even look like the same woman who started with MPower Fitness . She was beautiful when she came, but is absolutely stunning now. Her shyness has given way to self-assurance and she just looks happy.

“I have more confidence in myself; I no longer hide myself in clothes to hide my shape. Now I need to buy clothes that actually fit. I’m down almost 4 sizes.  Overall I’m just happier.” She now enjoys increased energy and endurance, too. She loves walking through the hills and, when asked what’s changed since she started MPower Fitness , her simple answer humbles me: “Everything has changed.”

Just imagining how she must have felt when she was trapped in a body that she hated that badly makes me want to cry for her. However, knowing that Deb is now a totally different person both inside and out thanks to something that I am a part of makes me want to dance.

When asked what it was about MPower Fitness that was so different, she covers the bases well. “My overall experience at MPower Fitness has been the utmost most fabulous experience I have encountered at a fitness gym.  Everyone is ready to work out, encourage and support each other. There is always a welcoming feeling.”

That, my wonderful campers, is why I can’t imagine ever doing anything other than what I’m doing right now!

Have an amazing, successful day!

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