Hey Boot Campers! I hope everyone is doing well and experiencing the success they deserve. I’m always excited to share stories with all of you because I know you understand how a commitment to better health can change your life. I also like to recognize (give a shout out) to campers who see the results of this commitment with excellent results. I am always so thrilled when I see that success continuing over time. 

Such is the case with Dori G. She started training with us over a year ago, and was a little skeptical at first because our program was completely foreign to her. She was one of those who focused on cardio only and didn’t use any weights. At first she even wondered if our workouts were too easy, but her sore body soon told her otherwise. She says she became addicted to our workouts because they are fun!

“I love how they keep the workouts fresh and fun”.

Within that first month, Dori dropped a full size and said that her butt and thighs were firmer than ever. At first, the scale wasn’t too encouraging, and she even cheated on her nutrition plan out of frustration. So she put that scale away and focused on her plan, and by the third and fourth month the numbers on the scale were changing and she was smiling. 

“This experience has been completely different from the past,” claims Dori.

She has gone from a size 14 to a size 8 in those four months… dropping 25 lbs. and keeping it off ever since. Discovering our fun and convenient workouts has made all the difference. Dori loves that she can come in when it’s convenient for her and be in and out in no time. 

“People are commenting on how “fit” and “healthy” I look and that is a huge bonus,” 

Dori commented. 

This means the most to her because as a mom, she wants to be a great example to her kids, and as a nurse, she can show her patients that getting fit can be done… even with a nurse’s schedule. 

She says, “I love to come to MPower Fitness because I don’t have to think about it… I know that I am going to get a good workout that is not going to burden my day, but rather make it better. I am looking to feel strong, to be active, and stay healthy.” 

Being able to fit our workouts in to a tough schedule, and be there before her husband leaves for work and before her kids wake up, has made getting fit a possibility. It positively impacts her day to day in huge ways. 

Dori says, “I want to work out so that my head stays clear and I start my day doing something positive, and knowing that wherever the rest of the day may take me, at least I got my workout in already!”

Her kids also help motivate her success and they don’t even realize it.

She says, “It is not so much about weight as it is about showing my kids that I take care of myself so that I can take care of them.”

We keep saying how this program changes your body, but it also changes your attitude. MPower Fitness has had that effect on Dori’s life.

“My body has definitely changed since I started training at MPower Fitness, but maybe most importantly, my mind has shifted. I enjoy the workouts and I look forward to coming because it starts my day on a positive note with great people! Thanks Megan and team!”

We couldn’t agree more! Thanks, Dori for sharing your update and we couldn’t be more thrilled for your success.

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