A lot of times people think of MPower Fitness for fat loss and physique transformation, but our clients come to us for a wide range of goals.

Our client Jenny H came to us in great shape but she was wanting to add to her fitness program in order to balance it out and to improve her performance in her sport: marathon running.

Jenny was committed to a vigorous running program and in a good place mentally, emotionally and physically. But she wanted to lose a few lbs, focus on her nutrition and to do strength training. Enter MPower Fitness.

She says “the group classes are ideal for me as they kept me motivated to come and are easy to fit into my schedule.  The strength training at MPower Fitness helped me to improve my marathon times by reducing my Personal Record by 40 minutes”.  WOW! That’s a BIG Difference!  

Jenny lives close to boot camp and is frequently able to fit in her training session over her lunch hour.

She says, “Working out has always been essential for me to fit into my calendar so has never been hard to find the time.  The 30 minute classes over lunch are a great way to take a break mid day and get energized, and if I can’t make it then I simply stop on the way home to work… its only 30 minutes… there are no excuses to miss a 30 minute workout!”

She loves that she doesn’t need to figure out what to do for the session.  She walks in and the workout is planned for her.

She says her inspiration to get in even better shape and stay there has been her family health history and genetics. “Most of my family are obese with diabetes and other health issues related to their eating habits and that they do not work out, so these have always been important to me.I do not want to have the same health risks as majority of my family.  Genetically I also have very high cholesterol and know that eating right and working out are pertinent to keeping this under control.”

Jenny says that through various challenges at MPower Fitness she has made changes to her nutrition. She has worked on reducing her sugar and alcohol intake while also watching what she is eating.  “In 2018 my goal is not to do any diets and instead just make healthy choices when I’m hungry. I’ve never been a soda drinking or a sweets person, so eating healthy for me has been a lifestyle that I’ve continued since after college.  I sometime go a few days making bad choices, but the I get right back into healthy choices.”

We are thrilled to have a great client like Jenny H and happy to report that not only has she dramatically improved her marathon time but also she has dropped 13lbs and kept it off!  

Awesome work Jenny.  

Thanks for being a part of our Fit Family.

– Megan K and Team

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