It is easy to stay on track with fitness when we are feeling great but it becomes a lot tougher if we get injured. The pain and the recovery time are setbacks that can completely derail us if we let them.

Before Boot Camp, Jon was kicking butt and attending his favorite classes at LifeTime for almost 20 years. Then he tore his meniscus and it all stopped.

Jon tried to resume his activities but the pain was too much, so for roughly 3 years he did nothing extra physically. In the summer, they tried to ride bikes but it wasn’t consistent and each winter he returned to inactivity.

Jon’s wife Julie found MPower Fitness and one of our shorter term programs and they decided to come in and work out together.  He says his motivation to get in and stay in great shape is his wife and family.

“We chose to do Boot Camp together. After recent major health events in our families, I don’t want these issues to affect us for our future or the longevity of our family. What we learn and the activities we do will definitely trickle down to the others in our family and it will help them be stronger and healthier too”.

Shortly after joining, Jon and Julie came to love their sessions and to make it a priority.  He says, “I have decided that time at Boot Camp is very important. So besides work during the day, it is just the next thing on the schedule to go to class for the day. If there needs to be a change, MPower Fitness has given the options of different times on different days for classes.  Then, for the weekend, I can be satisfied to go to our cabin and not be stressed. Working out has just become a part of my life. It is close to home. It is convenient. The coaches and staff are awesome to know. Love the smiles. Makes me smile. I like interacting with all our classmates. It’s fun getting to know them”

Since joining, Jon is down 25lbs.

He says, “My body functions better.  I have a better attitude towards everything, and SMILES. Smiles all around. I feel good after classes.  Doing physical activities don’t hurt as much. Julie and I are trying to go biking more on our off training days. I eat better. I’m more conscious of what choices to make. I am learning to eat healthier foods and smaller quantities all the time.  When there is an eating mishap, I am willing to adapt and change that habit without the internal struggle.”

Congratulations Jon on all of your progress!  

We are excited to see your success and are grateful to have you and Julie as a part of our #fitfamily- smiles and all.  🙂

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