Just under 280 lbs. and two bridesmaid dresses soon to be bought. But this gal didn’t want to buy those dresses yet. She was tired of the way she was feeling and looking and decided it was time to get her butt in shape, LITERALLY!

Meet Kae.


She is an amazing lady that found us on Facebook at a time when she needed to. Here’s a bit of her story before MPower Fitness.

I was in a 3xl t-shirt that was tight, I was embarrassed by how I looked, I was chronically tired and felt like I was failing at life. This was me in a nutshell beforebootcamp. 

I was eating my feelings and frustrations and they were all the wrong foods. Unless it was sugar, carbs or greasy, I wasn’t interested in it. By the end of 2015, I was weighing 279.6 pounds. Something had to change. The more weight I gained, the more unhappy I was, and the unhappier I became the more I ate perpetuating the awful cycle.”

This is such a vicious cycle that too many people face when it comes to comfort food or emotional eating. It is a very difficult cycle to stop. It takes work, time and dedication to make this lifestyle change. 

Kae’s job is demanding and stressful and requires a lot of hours, which can make exercise difficult for her. This also made the emotional eating cycle tough to change as well. But Kae was determined and she didn’t quit. She did and continues to do what is necessary to be successful and fit into those bridesmaid dresses.

I work rotating shifts and a lot of 12 hours shifts. After getting my butt handed to me in surgery all day I know myself and would find an excuse to not exercise. The 5:30 am class let’s me get my sweat on and start my day on the right foot. I feel great walking out of boot camp, like I have already accomplished something. The availability worked great with my work schedule and I haven’t looked back since.

The people I have met and continue to work out with give me an additional level of motivation sometimes with a little word of encouragement, and other times with a look of misery saying they are dying right there with me.” (meant positively) 

Kae’s biggest struggle is using food as her go to. She’s continuing to learn how to manage this and balance, work, social life, exercise and food but she admits it’s tough at times. This is why it’s so important to stick to your exercise and nutrition routine and if you slip don’t beat yourself up over it. Just shake it off and get back into the groove.

In Kae’s words, she explains,

My best advice for anyone starting out is change your eating habits. Exercise is great and very important, but you truly are what you eat!”

I still struggle with food. It’s my go to…bad day at work, eat it away, something good happened, let’s go eat and celebrate, bored, eat something to kill time. 

I’m not where I want to end up yet. I still have a ways to go, yet I’m further than I ever thought possible thanks to MPower Fitness.”

Kae will reach her end goal; I have no doubt. All of us here are so proud of her and look forward to continued success. Stay tuned, as I’m sure you will hear more about Kae.

Megan K and Team

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