A lot of times I hear people say that social media is having a negative effect on them but from time to time the effect can be positive.

Our client Karie came to us because she was seeing friends, family and social media contacts hopping on the workout wagon.  They were getting in shape and posting pictures of how much fitter and happier they were and she didn’t want to miss out.

Maybe you can relate?

Prior to MPower Fitness, Karie hadn’t been doing much physical activity at all. She says, “I was very tired and irritable (partly due to having a 1 year old that was not a good sleeper). I was also starting to feel very depressed about how I felt and how my body didn’t feel like mine”.

These feelings of fatigue, frustration and sadness with how she looked and felt, and the positive influences of her friend’s making progress was enough to propel her forward to try a new program.

Enter MPower Fitness.

Karie says she has never been much of a morning exerciser but that Boot Camp is giving her the time to work on herself- first thing in the a.m.- without it cutting into her day!

“I am able to get up and get myself out the door before the kids are up. When I get home everyone is up or just getting up and I am able to help them out the door before I get myself ready and to work”.

Karie’s initial goal was to get back into shape and lose some weight: in her short time with us she is down 4% body fat, 5 inches and a few lbs on the scale. She has come to terms with the fact that “immediate results” and massive change don’t come overnight.  

She says “I am honestly a little surprised I am still liking it as much as I do.  It is almost like a high that I get from going every (or almost every) weekday morning. One of the things I realized I like the most about MPower Fitness…I don’t have to think.  I don’t have to contemplate and consider what I should do next, how much or how long I should do something. I probably could have spent an hour in the gym (like 10 years ago) and really only worked out for 30 minutes because the other time was spent moving between machines or trying to figure out what I could or should do next without looking completely awkward.  Taking the thought out of working out is a huge benefit to me. I make enough decisions throughout my day with kids, husband, work, etc….I like that I show up and do what I’m told!”

“Karie says “I’m not as tired and I generally just feel better in my clothes/ pants. I have also started eating much better. I still cheat from time to time but I’m more aware of it and do my best to stay on track. I have also started eating more protein in the mornings to help balance my day”.

She says that since joining MPower she feels stronger, fitter, has more energy and likes working out again.

We are so happy that you found us Karie and that we have been a part of your journey thus far…

We are excited to see your continued success!

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