Growing up in a fit and healthy household our client Lindsay developed a propensity toward good nutrition and an active lifestyle but even with positive influences in our lives we can fall off track…

Before becoming a member at MPower Fitness, Lindsay was a runner, a volleyball player and a Zumba enthusiast.  But during a several year long struggle with infertility she and her husband Andy both gained weight and fell out of the habit of exercise.  

Lindsay says “Before Boot Camp, I had a membership at a Lifetime for several years and only went once every 4-5 months.  And then I would only go because I enjoyed the sauna and steam room. HA

It was definitely a struggle and I never looked forward to it.  MPower Fitness came into my life when I needed it most. My husband and I struggled with infertility for four years.  We were emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted with the entire process. With that comes a little depression and self pity.  This led to poor eating habits and just a lack of self care. When it was time to look into other options (meaning IVF) I knew that I needed to be in the BEST shape possible so that it would be a successful transfer. “

Fast forward several months and both Lindsay and Andy were in better shape and had lost some weight but the next challenge for Lindsay is that she had to take time off for the pregnancy. She says

”I had to take a year off after we did the IVF procedure due to the fact that I was so high risk.  I was so very sad and missed everyone at Boot Camp so much. I would see my husband go and come back and would ask what he did, and who was there.  lol I was doing the workout in my mind with ya’ll. After delivery of our daughter, I had to wait even longer to come back and work out because I had a c-section and needed to heal.  I was so anxious to get back at it. I had horrible postpartum depression compounded with the fact that my mother was dying of cancer right after the delivery of Victoria. I can’t express to you how grateful I was that I had something to look forward to that was a positive outlet in my life.  I had gained a lot of weight because of all of the hormones I had to inject into my body and I needed to lose 40lbs. My husband and I joined two six week challenges almost back to back this year, and I am so happy to report that I am almost at my goal. 32lbs down and a work in progress. I could not have done with without the entire fit family. The coaches have been so helpful and encouraging throughout my entire journey.   Much appreciation for all of the kindness and support. “

The Winters are a busy professional couple and Lindsay says that managing their schedule has been tricky. “Our work life balance has always been extremely challenging just by the nature of what my husband and I do.  My husband is an ER/trauma physician and I am a Respiratory Therapist. With this comes insane schedules/hours, holidays, nights, and weekends. We chose to not put Victoria in daycare so we just navigate around each others work schedule.  Which basically means I can only work when he is not at work. It’s complicated for sure. I will sit for hours in front of a calendar figuring out this jigsaw puzzle we call life. Since we make working out a priority now, we look at our schedule two-three weeks ahead and mark which days and times we can go to boot camp.  Thank goodness for so many options or this would never work for us, Another bonus!!! I will say to Andy, “you can go at 9AM today, and I will go at Noon” and so on and so on a week or two in advance. This way we know if we need to ask a friend or schedule a sitter to help us out to make sure we can get to class. I would NEVER put this much time and effort into this if we didn’t see results or love MPower Fitness.”

Here at MPower Fitness we get to know our clients but we often don’t know this level of detail or struggle until they share with us… We are so grateful we get to be a part of their Weller- Winter family’s journey and that they are a part of our Fit Family!

Listen, we all have busy schedules and lives, but if we make our health a part of our lifestyle amazing things can happen​.

Congratulations to both Lindsay and Andy on all of their success!​

– Megan K and Team

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