Today we are sharing some kind words from our MPower for Life participant, Sherri L. We are SO proud of our 55+ session for overcoming their own fears and concerns of working out and showing consistent effort and incredible attitudes.

“I love this place. You know that time when you are on the sofa going through face book or messenger and see old friends who have either really let them selves go or the other end of that and really taken care of themselves. Either way you look and say wow they look great and really happy. Or Wow they really don’t look so good, hope they are ok.

Well that was where I was at, then I saw a promotion for this work our place with classes especially structured for anyone a little older (yes I am now in that group). So with a 4 week trial offer, I called and went in to visit with them, and decided what the heck it was only one month.

It has been almost two year since that first meeting. Am I a hot size 6 grandma? NO but I have so much more energy, balance and muscles I forgot were there, new friends. This is not only a workout location this is also where we share everything from our aches and pains to vacation story’s and new recipes.

The trainers are happy to work with you to insure you are getting the best workout for you, and they will explain why we are doing certain things and what is does for our body’s especially as we age.

I will never be that hot size 6 (except in my dreams) but I can move better, I feel better and I can get down and up from the floor with my grandchildren with no problem. We are a family that works hard and encourages each other to push on. I could never get this type of group encouragement at one of the big guys.

Love my MPower family. Sherri L.”

And we love you, Sherri! Thank you for being part of our Fit Fam!

– Megan K and Team

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