A lot of times clients come to us with a history of being out of shape and having weight to lose. It is common for us to hear, “I’ve been overweight since xyz grade”.

Many times, these same clients have had a lot of people tell them that this is how they will always be, that it is genetics and that it can never change.

We have found that for many clients the thing that must change first is their belief that they can do it and that they can feel better at all stages in the journey.  

When our jovial, friendly and kind client Terri first started with us at MPower she was one of those clients.

She says she used to believe she couldn’t do things. She has realized that she isn’t as limited on movements as she thinks she is.  “My body is in better condition than I thought. I try to to give myself positive self talk. I also open up to the coaches that I most often work with” so that they can provide me encouragement too.

Terri got started with us at MPower Fitness, in order to “keep Type 2 diabetes off my medical record”.  Now, she finds continued inspiration “seeing people that I work out with succeed in the changes they are making”.

Unlike many of our clients, Terri doesn’t have an issue making it to sessions. She says her schedule is flexible and she easily makes time for her workouts.  

But she wasn’t without her own challenges…

Her biggest challenge was in her mindset and with negative self-talk.

She says she still finds herself doubting her ability to do things and wanting to talk herself out of exercise.  She frequently doesn’t feel like going to Boot Camp. She never lets the negative talk win though, she gets herself into the car and through the doors. Occe that happens she succeeds.

Despite frequently not wanting to go she says once she gets started she always has fun.

Terri tells us she is normally an introvert. This is a surprise to us because we frequently see her welcoming new clients, introducing herself and trying to make them feel welcome.  She told us she loves Boot Camp so much that she wants to see others have that same good experience.

“I want people to be able to enjoy their lives. If you’re overweight and feeling like crap you won’t be able to enjoy your life”.

She still experiences some negative self-talk but she says she is “proud of the work I have done and that is a good feeling”.

WE are so proud of you Terri. Keep up the belief in yourself and congratulations on your success!

– Megan K and Team

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