Not everyone has a supportive group of people around them when they start their fitness journey. ‘Dieting’ has been given such a bad rap over the years that sometimes unwanted commentary can come up during conversation which can leave those improving their fitness and lifestyle feeling disconnected. So what can you do about those snide comments? We asked a few of our coaches:

Coach Jackson:

“Don’t take things personally- it’s possible that their negativity towards you is an outward reflection of issues within themselves. Find contentment and happiness within your own choices and stay away from external validations. Love others and yourself as perfect regardless of our apparent flaws.”

Coach Tracy:

“We all know how much time everyone’s been eating out at this time of year. I suggest being the first one to order. Usually what happens, is that when you order something healthy… Other people join in as well. Think about it… How many times do you change your order after hearing what someone else has ordered?

And also make sure that you accept all those compliments about how fabulous you are looking with a… ‘And I feel fantastic thanks for noticing’!”

Coach Nikki:

“Eyes on your own plate! Your journey is yours and you should OWN it, every step of the way. If someone else doesn’t have something nice to say, thank them for their concern, speak up about what you are doing and how you are feeling and keep on going.”


And now a note from me, Megan Kruger:

My suggestion is when heading to friends/family’s houses for dinner/parties to let them know ahead of time that you’ve recently recommitted to your health and that you’re working hard to make some changes in your life. That it is important to you and that you appreciate their support. I’d also offer to bring some healthier dishes to parties so that you’re not making extra work. I really think that people who care about us may give us flack but I also believe if they know we’re invested and that it is important to us they will (eventually) stop.

Stay strong, Fit Bodies!



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